Nature: she has grown lonely.
Follow fall, and all of her intuition
to where she rests on her bed of moss by the river.

Life has never loved light so much before.

Let us call the thing otherwise known as God, the Everlasting Mother of Earth.
Spring is part of our souls, the part that our souls crave,
And we welcome it, even if we do not know that we do.
Let it make you feel as though you were a child.



Outlast the sun, outlast the sky,
Outlast the wind with its cry.

Outlast the rain, outlast the snow,
Outlast the seeds our people sow.

Outlast the seasons, outlast the fall,
Outlast the crown and its call.

Outlast the sun, outlast the stars,
Outlast all of what is ours.



Tonight we came to see the stars;
It covered us with its dark skies.

It did.

It showed us its rows of gleaming light,
Saturn’s circles making it laden with gold,
Jupiter with its moons making more life.

Tonight does not seem dark anymore.
Instead a place of wonder.



The stories say
That there are many places for you.
They say that magical places await me,
Magical things exist,
That magical animals could help me,
But the grown-ups
Say that cannot happen.